Option A
Smiles with some Fun!
Choose your location and time -
We'll do the rest!

UP TO 5 persons-1 hr                     $249           

           Option B:
More smiles?  More pics!
Birthdays, New Baby, Anniversary - Let's do it!
      Up to 10 persons
          Option C:
Reunion or Just because "We're ALL together" - Includes LARGE group pics as well as smaller family units.
Up to 15 people.
$10 per person over 15


Clothing Tips

Ladies, don't shy away from flowing skirts. They make great photos! Be comfortable so the smile shines thru.....


Girls, bring along a few clips/pins if your hair has a tendency to fall into your face. Guys - it's important hair stays out of your eyes during the shoot.

    Jewelry?  Less is more....


Solid colors are best...

Men, button-downs, collars, or t-shirt - Choose a color for your group.

*Avoid shirts that feature graphics or words on them.


If you'd like to "highlight" a child or children a floral print or design works well.  STRIPES detract from the smiles and are not recommended.